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SmartKids Classes (Online & In-Person)

All classes are online until Spring 2021

Smartkids Academy offers Academic Programs in Math, English, Science, College Test Prep and Competition Math that are designed for students in K-12 to excel in School. Our Advanced math program for grades k – 12 is for students who are excelling in school and are ahead of their grade level, it helps even the brightest student reach their highest potential.



SmartKids Academy prepares kids for Grade K-12 Advanced and Honor level Mathematics to excel in Common Core math, solving math problems, Word Problems, MCAS Tests,  SAT/PSAT, SSAT/ISEE. Math Bee and Olympiad competitions.



SmartKids Grade K-12 English program is designed to help students develop their skills in reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary helping them excel in school and college prep tests.

  • Reading comprehension 

  • ELA & Grammar

  • Creative writing  

  • Public Speaking & Debate

  • Vocabulary 


College Test Prep


SmartKids teaches multiple ways to solve SAT / ACT Math problems, strategies and prepares students to excel in Math tests. SAT Subject Tests can complement or enhance your college admission credentials.

  • PSAT

  • SAT

  • ACT

  • SAT Math Subject Tests


Math Competitions

SmartKids Prepares Grade K-12 students for Math competitions and selection is based on the Assessment test taken by us. 

  • Math Counts

  • American Math Competition (AMC 8 & 10)

  • Math Bee & Kangaroo

  • Math Olympiad

  • Other Math Competitions

Teacher with Pupils


SmartKids Science program is designed to impart practical skills required  for demonstrating kids talents in middle and high school science. This program focuses on helping students to come up with great ideas, turning ideas into inventions and applications,  and provide training to successfully present their ideas to the world.

  • Science

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Robotics (Building and programming mini-robots)

Student Presentation

Public Speaking

SmartKids Public Speaking Classes teach students how to calm their nerves, use their voice and body language to their advantage, speechwriting and persuasion techniques, and more. 

  • Public Speaking

  • Creative Writing

  • Debate

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